EAA Member Artists provide artwork for local restaurants, bars, event venues and organizations. Rotations last 1-12 months before a new artist is exhibited. All sales go through the Escondido Art Association Gallery, located at 121 W. Grand Avenue in Escondido, and are subject to the 15% commission to EAA. 

If you find a painting you'd like to purchase at a Rotation location, please note the TITLE, ARTIST'S NAME and VENUE LOCATION. Call EAA to make your purchase and schedule delivery of your painting.

If you are an EAA Member Artist interested in participating in our (Free, no submission fee) Rotations program, please click the button below, read the agreement, and then contact our
Rotations Manager, Byron Marler, at [email protected]

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Escondido Public Library

239 S. Kalmia St.,  Escondido, CA 92025

Artist:  Laura Green

Artist Statement:  My artistic practice is a way to protect, preserve and remember my experience of parenting. My daily life of raising children is best shown in the seemingly infinite moments of caretaking, which are ultimately temporary and fleeting. I am a mother to four children, and it’s very important for me to remain physically and emotionally connected. As a homeschooling parent, my primary goal is to build a protected space for them and to listen. My paintings are recordings of my careful observations.

Laura Green

Interested Collectors please contact EAA Gallery at 121 W. Grand Avenue or call 

Gallery Rotation

121 W Grand Ave. Escondido, CA 92025

Artwork is displayed in front of Gallery during open hours.

Artist:   Cathy Haven

Artist Statement:  My current work is influenced by my travels and the natural world. I am drawn to the use of bold color which excites my senses and imagination. Making art for me is both peaceful and intellectual, giving me a chance to express my creative side.


Interested Collectors please contact EAA Gallery at 121 W. Grand Avenue or call 

The Grand Escondido

301 E. Grand Avenue, Escondido, CA 92025

Artists: Group Show underway, with abstract themes. 
Artist:s  Tokeli Baker, David Allen, Brooks Reid, and Aneesa Baker

All art is located on second floor mezzaine.

ASTRAL SWORD & SHIELD (Above staircase, pictured here)

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Cute Cakes Bakery and Cafe 

445 W. Grand Avenue, Escondido, CA 92025

Art work is in hallway on right, leading to rear door.


Artist:   Noel Fishman

Artist Statement:  
I always strive to make something beautiful and found that I get inspiration from nature. I prefer to paint in a group setting because being surrounded by my artist friends is an inspiration. Verbal and physical expressions from people who look at my work is also inspirational especially if they recognize the subject. 

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Hoorah Restaurant

11611 Rancho Bernardo Rd.
San Diego, CA

Artist:  Jacquie Wade

Artist Statement:

"My paintings are of a variety of subjects.  What most have in common is my attempt to capture an instant in time when I looked at something or somewone and saw that thing or those people in a way that grabbed my heart and arrested me for the moment.  My painting are just my trying to share that elusive and very viseral feeling with others."

Hoorah Restaurant

11611 Rancho Bernardo Rd.
San Diego, CA

Artist:  Diana Prout

Artist's Statement:  My inspiration is a combination of childhood memories and appreciating nature’s beauty. My artistic journey started with watercolor and recently transitioned to the vibrancy of soft pastels. I admire the impressionist masters of pastel. I want my work to capture the personality of the subject and the story behind the painting with the anticipation of capturing the right balance of light and shadows with the results of a lifelike painting. I'm thankful for the God-given gift of creating for someone's pleasure.

Brunch Point

3225 Business Park Dr.
Vista, CA

Artist: Wayne Adachi 

Statement: Wayne loves plein air painting. For him painting outdoors is a joy, a passion, an opportunity to be expressive with light and dark values, and high intensity color. He draws inspiration from the early California Impressionists. They express in their paintings a sense of light and boldness of color that excites him.

Brunch Point Restaurant

3225 Business Park Dr.
Vista, CA

Artist: Janet Keto 

Statement:  Janet’s varied creative interests have inspired her to try collage, mainly using her own hand painted papers. For several years she has created paper paintings of memories from her travels and life experiences that has included florals, foods and landscapes.

 Interested Collectors please contact EAA Gallery at 121 W. Grand Avenue or call 442-317-0980

North Island Credit Union 
Community Room

1230 Auto Park Way
Escondido, CA 92029

For access to room please contact,
Sheena Saltalamacchia
Office: (858) 769-7031
Cell: (858) 282-7722
[email protected] 

Group Exhibition, multiple artists, located in the Community Room

Artists: Group Show underway, with abstract and photography  themes.  Artists follow:

Tokeli Baker 
Rosemary Bandes
Howard Burdick
Tim Cline
 Kat Furrow
Steve Hart
Lorraine Page
Brian Petreccia
Brooks Reid
Peggy Stokes
Karin Zibert